Gold Styling Package


Skin Tone, Body Shape and Hair Colour

The ultimate style advice to transform your look! Discover the best colours for your skin tone, how to balance your body shape and the best colours for you to dye your hair.

How Does it Work?


Upon completion of payment you'll receive an email where you can upload your photos.


You'll guide will be sent to you via email within 72 hours of submitting your photos.


Download or print your guide to use as a reference when you shop and outfit build.


Step into a new level of confidence, enjoy shopping and outfit building and look better than ever.

What's Included?

  • Gold Skin Tone Analysis

    Gold Skin Tone Analysis

    Skin Tone Analysis + Ultimate Colour Guide

    Your skin tone and contrast levels analysed by 3 Personal Stylists

    80 colours in your season

    Your best base and 'wow' colours

    100+ Colour combinations

    Jewellery metals

    Celebrities with your palette

    Top Stylist tips

    Colours to avoid

    Metals to avoid

    Shades of Denim

    Leather shades

    Accessories, jewels & prints

    Nail shades

    Colours for when you tan

    Colours for when you're pale

    Colours for when you age

    Hue, Value & Chroma

    Contrast Levels

    Colour psychology

    Colour season personality traits

    Receive your colour guide within 72 hours

  • Gold Body Shape Analysis

    Gold Body Shape Analysis

    Body Shape Analysis + Ultimate Colour Guide

    Submit 3-5 full-length photos of yourself and our stylists will determine your body shape.

    Receive your best styles to balance and enhance your shape within 72 hours

    Transform your silhouette with clever embellishment placement

    Understand how to use pattern and colour to your advantage

    Use fabrics to create a silhouette that makes you feel confident

    Dress for your bone structure and proportion

  • Gold Hair Analysis Service

    Gold Hair Analysis Service

    Hair Analysis + Ultimate Hair Guide

    Your skin tone and contrast levels analysed by a Personal Stylist

    Your colouring (undertone and contrast levels)

    Your best hair colours

    Highlights/Balayage suggestions

    Full head hair colours

    Your best wild cards hair colours

    Hair colours to avoid

    Hair colours for when you’re tanned

    Hair colours for when you’re pale

    Hair accessories (scrunchies, ribbons, hair bands, clips, grips, scarves and more) to compliment your colouring

    Hair accessories to avoid

    Celebrity inspiration

    Hair colour psychology

    Stylist tips for embracing who you are

    Receive your guide to download to your device within 5 days


I had my colours analysed with Curate Your Style, it was so easy and straightforward to use the website for this, and then the colour guide that they send is so thorough and really beautiful too!

I had been struggling with finding the right shade of blonde for me and spent a fortune over the last few years trying different colours, my colour analysis arrived the night before my hair appointment and I was able to share this with my stylist and we completely switched up the colours I thought suited me with what was advised by the curate team and it has made a massive difference to my skin tone.

I'm so excited to put it all into practice! Body shaming and clothing conformity sadly still exist but companies with this approach are paving the way for the future through empowerment! Thank you!

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Gold Styling Package | Skin Tone, Hair & Body Shape

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